Milk and Eggs

by Mr. J. Medeiros

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released January 12, 2016

Written by: Mr. J. Medeiros
Song 6 w/ Apollo Jane
Song 11 w/ MacKenzie

Produced by: Tim Stewart
Co-Produced by: Mr. J. Medeiros
Trk 1 w/ Christophe Panzani
Trk 2 w/ Monte Neuble / Ricky Tillo / Spanky McCurdy
Trk 3 w/ Monte Neuble
Trk 4 w/ Spanky McCurdy
Trk 5 w/ Stro Elliot
Trk 6 w/ Monte Neuble
Trk 7 w/ Spanky McCurdy
Trk 8 w/ Stro Elliot
Trk 9 w/ Ricky Tillo / Spanky McCurdy
Trk 11 w/ Stro Elliot

Artwork by: Nate Travis



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Gone
Holding my arms folded molded in bronze
Rodin this golden era with a song
Long gone from it’s formative norms sits the dawn in it’s fawn
Calling a warning that we mourn for the born
Cause of alarm aint because of these arms here
Because of these arm chairs the comfort that I fear
Could come for my son
What’s our competence done
It compliments none our confidence won
They blaming they like its coming from some
Common denom confidant we the sum of the one
Summit to come aint a summer with sun
Aint a number of funds to escape this
Faceless tasteless the invisible and weightless
Wrath of ideas that are divisible by nature shape us
Don’t ask where the cape was
Just ask where that cape canaveral can take us

And they gone

The future came in disproportions
On a shaky circuit heard the verdict they’ve been deserted
Braving the surface gazing from Hayden
Waving from Earth is our daily service
Worst is a coming
Earth is succumbing numb to the purpose of our becoming great
Subservient state awaits its Permian fate mayday hurry escape
The bile projected the piles of wreckage
Is a message to every child at seven miles a second
Is how they left it, decrepit
Exiled rejected x’d out reflected on the red Nile
The dead smiles of skeptics kept it’s vow to protect it’s plutonium Newtonian perspective
Showing theres no new home for men accept it
The smog is brimming our star is dimming
Showing nothing but the far faint shard of living

And they gone

The dewey-eyed they got their mind on right
The nihilists how they wanna dry my sight
The dewey-eyed they got their mind on right
The nihilists how they wanna dry my sight
Say I have no right to fly my kite
Say I have no right to shine my light
So I bind those two to fly by night
And I kill my days to do so

We got our home pillaged by the killers on thrones
Who fought villagers
Drones who sought privilege on the littlest stone
Prideful death left to sift through it’s bones
While we still in the smoke filled biosphere quilting this dome
Filthy rich turned to filthy alone
Only left to atone for the fire here
Die or find a pioneer
Hoping one is breathing
Cus breathing is the only thing admired here

And they gone

The dewey-eyed they got their mind on right
The nihilists how they wanna dry my sight
The dewey-eyed they got their mind on right
The nihilists how they wanna dry my sight
Say I have no right to fly my kite
Say I have no right to shine my light
So I bind those two and fly by night
And I kill my days to do so
Track Name: Milk and Eggs
I watched as my parents dreams got foreclosed
Thought of my appearance can we afford clothes
Crazy to be a teen more ashamed to be seen in your jeans/genes
Than to think they were auctioning your home
And thats why they call it a ward-robe
And that’s why our wallets are all closed
When we think of all those orphans no water and no home
Aint even got a quarter for chalk to draw those
And thee award goes to… yo, I’m happy for you I’ma let you finish
I got a problem with no Taylor/tailor can you help me fit in
300$ dollars for a pair just take a selfie in ‘em
Few thousand followers to share in our unhealthy visions
Look around can you compare to our wealth and privilege
Conscious rap it’s a conscious rap
Conscious rap it’s a conscious rap
Pious and pompous high on it’s horses
Find me some causes and I’ll rhyme about that
Right and wrong can’t iron them flat
Writing a song can’t fire a MAC
Got one eye on the sparrow plus an eye on the bat
Gotta find a third eye for the track
Picture me winning a Grammy providing for my family
And then apologizing cus I aint black
Well nah I aint Mack though I get L’s more with less sales
Rewind it back the mora “L” is get sales
Style the track for the majority who buy it like crack
For a songs the only sure way to fire a Mack
Alright maybe that was out of order
Good cus I’m out of quarters
And awards are just a game you play with credit
So today I pay with credit
Cus my baby’s needing feeding and we out of formula
You know how babies need formulas
Weed, hoes, and some alcoholic buzz
Or deep flows on how those are wrong for us
It’s a need for those who long to trust
Anyone who keeps them from knowing that there all in us
These vices vices meaces mices
We all wanna piece till we mice in vice grips
We all want peace but we fight for rights
Is it black or white when justice calls
To judge us all she adjusts her balls
This hermaphrodite to her bust we crawl
But she tips the scale when the love is gone
When the love is gone the love is gone
Till you find it above below beyond
Till you find it above below beyond
Ok so science dropped that atom bomb
Religion dropped that Adam bomb
You see what happens when reliant on an atoms bond
Find it above below beyond
Find it above below beyond
I was 8 up in that Section 8 and I should mention
Never felt ashamed putting change in that collection plate
Dad would hate when it clanged and that attention
Made it so he refrained from praying in any frame
That was built with the intention to guilt and place blame
To sit still and not face change
I’m saying if this will is free how can we make change
To pay a bill made out in our name
What a shame what a shame what a shame what a shame
All messed up and got no one to blame
All dressed up and got nowhere to claim
I say a human is a human aint a human the king
Now who can blame me for my reasons reasons
I get so angry I’m seething seething
Funny they wanna hang me for things I believe in
When it’s the only thing restraining me from kicking their teeth in
They say my music is too shameless must be the text
It’s drive its too aimless plus when you text and drive it’s too dangerous
Must we conceptualize my toons/tunes till its lines are too Danish
And we argue till we all blue in our faces
Till we all the same hue and we viewed as race-less
I said race-less not racists face it
I wanted to be Black Thought but I gotta white face
Tell me can you have black thoughts with a white face
I was brought up on this music taught by its influence
So much I never thought it wasn’t my place
You wanna know my race
Well its against time running rhymes with the hopes that you might chase
I had high hopes in 9th grade see I was reading Malcolm
Till some irate white faced know it alls came pounding
On my thesis with a how come
Sorta cracked my glass bubble like they did with brass knuckles
And I lost two teeth in the outcome
But I was a subject of public housing
Growing up on Public Enemy albums
And I never feared a black planet damn it
All my heroes were black
But it appears all my heroes could rap
Man it’s a mind twist trying to define this
Obsession with the eyes to blind its owner
That’s why I rhyme with I’s cus I’m a loaner
But when it comes to the eyes guess I’m a donor
I got a blue eyed momma a brown skinned pops
Got blue on my collar turning brown when it’s hot
And it’s hot and it’s felt on the days
My credit cards denied for these milk and eggs
Track Name: Lost in It
Rappers try to tell me their god or sell me their god
Well the bellies full of air don’t care dear God
Machiavelli on the air with a heli doing circles
Cuz they’ll murk you for a glare down here dear God
Got a hostile rapper selling me coke
Out of reach from the truth in their recordings
Got a Gospel rapper selling me hope
Out to preach to the youth in a pair of Jordan’s
Knowing damn well that they can’t afford ‘em
Guess the poor cant tell what they’re supporting
Say, know your master aint no matter
Little meth little sex a little known fact
For the middle of the U.S. goes mad
For a symbol when it’s dressed in gold
Ask, who can do all that and fill a dome after
And I aint talking bout these known rappers
Wanna talk about caine or talk about Cain
All the same when your cane is a crutch
They came for the hunt of the game the ones who are lamed
No shame when they aiming for lunch
They came for the bucks tryna get their fill robbing sons
Maybe they came for the ducks Phil Robertson eh
Maybe I’m explaining too much
Entertaining is such a thin line
You will find I’m on both sides of the sand
Try to throw a stone my man
Now try again with a hole inside both hands
Said a mind and soul is two fold
Like the hands I hold I do fold
I could fan the flames or be that flame to a fan
In a world that’s too cold
And I’m lost in it

And I still feel the same for the power that built me
Even when His followers guilt me
Found spring in a flower so filthy
Heard it sing all they wanna do is wilt me
Still feel the same for the power that built me
Even when His followers guilt me
Found spring in a flower so filthy
Heard it sing all they wanna do is wilt me

Call ‘em all leaders call ‘em all leaders
Cus they got the followers and they got the speakers
And play to the bottom yeah we are bottom feeders
In the garden of Eden where they draw on our weakness
In the dark of the evening where they draw out a heater
Say give me your wallet say give me your secrets
Gotta give’em your all when they know you’re a believer
It’s a call and response thing and you’re a repeater
Saying I got the t-shirt and I got to meet’em
But their not in the meetings where they plot how to seed them
Thoughts that’ll herd them, thoughts that’ll bread them
Got you caught in their words with the thought that I need’em
But I can’t talk not yet cus I’m teething
And I can’t walk not yet cus I’m leaning
And I can’t hear not yet cus I’m screaming
And I can’t feed not yet cus I’m weaning
And I can’t see not yet cus I’m needing
Time to adjust these lenses to see them
The loss of friends may be the cost of my freedom
The loss of ends may be the cost of my meaning
And I’m lost in it

And I still feel the same for the power that built me
Even when His followers guilt me
Found spring in a flower so filthy
Heard it sing all they wanna do is wilt me
Still feel the same for the power that built me
Even when His followers guilt me
Found spring in a flower so filthy
Heard it sing all they wanna do is wilt me
Track Name: Weight feat. Alyss
To which he feared the bone went missing here it’s apparition as an omen
Positioned clear as it was stolen near to where his home then disappeared
A key to the cage played to remember
The He who had made the days of December to ease those rays
To see both ways in a suit of leaves we feed our lucid gaze on fruited trees
A new tooth a sneeze there’s truth in these

Hold up with a loaded gun
Inside your heart there’s someone
Waiting in the dark for a bold bright one
Hold up with a loaded gun
You’ll see the weight of the world will move

I never knew a love that wasn’t rooted in greed
The type that only grew if it suited a need
I would fight to pursue this right to believe
We were two climbing through these movie scenes
In our youth colliding with the cue’s on screen
Truth be seen I thought that I could prove this dream
But I was wrong who writes love songs at thirteen
A boy without a clue or the nerve for flirting
Short with acne bad at sports and hurting from an ego
Sad that she never saw me go
So many heads in the sky who looks below
Took me for the ride of my life then left me old

Hold up with a loaded gun
Inside your heart there’s someone
Waiting in the dark for a bold bright one
Hold up with a loaded gun
You’ll see the weight of the world will move

Happenstance wouldn’t have a chance
Eye’s closed from it’s past advance
Had me with half a stance at romance’s door
Had one foot in sea and one on shore
Like I don’t believe in love no more
One in sea and one on shore
Cus I don’t believe in love no more love no more

Hold up with a loaded gun
Inside your heart there’s someone
Waiting in the dark for a bold bright one
Hold up with a loaded gun
You’ll see the weight of the world will move
Track Name: Moment feat. Apollo Jane
I’m uninspired lost I’m in search of fire
I’m under the wire the frost and it hurts to smile
I’m asunder the wonderment of earth has tired
I’m a number just another one of her admires
She brushed off cut off and cursed to spiral
So I shut off reversed and worked the file
Till I hit dirt and dug for my worth for miles
I ripped my shirt at the sound of the surf defiled
Would it wash me I fought through these thoughts that mosh me
It cost me my horse but not before he lost me discouraged
School me how the bully is purged
Then fools me as the ruler of worlds
Through the wool of the Word I find myself being fully submerged
Keeping cool though the duel in me surge in the pool of the pen
Knowing the sword is the tool of most men
Going to war with a fool at both ends

I wonder will I win this fight
Between my heart and my mind
A tug of war back and forth I try
But I feel so defeated
I won't be cheated this time

I’m just an ant when the thumb in the stars appears
Who loves to rant with a drum in the hall of ears
Summon all my fears with a tongue on my tears
Sing a song you would swear wasn’t sung in my years
Saw the sun from a hunters gun its all clear
I’m just another one hungry for a running deer
Love me here love me now or not never
A feather without a flock the clock put me together
Like high noon waving my hands and I’m strewn
Till I’m soon braving dry land and typhoons
What’s a cog to give is it cognitive
Is it a dog that lives out of reach from a leash
Or a mob of kids with a sword in eye
Waging war on a beach to be the lord of flies
I’m on the border line where Shearwaters fly
Needing peace in a belief that aint organized

I wonder will I win this fight
Between my heart and my mind
A tug of war back and forth I try
But I feel so defeated
I won't be cheated this time

I was born angry sworn to endure as a baby
Despite the attempts to deform me
This morning I crawled from my safety
Bored with its warning it’d break me to break free
And all that is wrong with this world would invade me
Normalcy ate me plagued me and scorned me and shamed me
I bore how it made me a pawn to be played by a king
Who had staged the whole thing for his praising
Made me afraid like a brick in a wall stalling a break in
I’m sick if it all you swore He forgave me than tricked me to fall
I wore what you gave me and lived for it all but I listen no more
For that gift to us all is that rift in our thought that persists to be called
From the dark to what lives when we sieve through the force of the light
For the weight and the bliss of it all
Track Name: Hero as Fool
Maybe if I bragged more then I would have more
Fans in an ad war men what you mad for
Damn it this track going Hamlet Act 4
One part rapper three parts actor rap lore
Blaring out a dashboard cracked like a whip
Got me tearing out their script act tore
Is this what they ask for humble right
I’m the subtle type I don’t need the caps or
To shift my command for a hashtag capture
Kim with a cam and a trash bag after
Kids want to stand where we have that trap door
Just to understand it’s a laugh track at work
Flashback mastering a half packed lounge off a DAT track
This is that tour
Blasting out a maxed set of louds see this sound is that raw

Eight hours to each town I rapped for
Some cash for the meals gas for the wheels
When you ask what is real
I’ll tell you it’s a map and a heel to the asphalt
This is that walk this is how it feels when you cross that
Deal with it all facts are most calls aint a call back
And most deals got them draw backs you know that Shady type
Lose Yourself in the crosshatch maybe it’s right to save a fall back
But all I had saved was a mic and a ball cap call that
Sacrifice lose half your life in a song that costs but a tall black coffee
And it’s all that and a small snack
Gave’em my arm and let’em maul that
Used the other to play along in a game we all call rap

I gotta be Fantastic Four/for the means to adapt
Even though you know it’s been/Ben Grim
Its still a big Thing to be active you know the radio kind
I’m elastic see the play in those rhymes
Reed/read between them catch how I stretch them
And leave the meaning with a sway in it’s spine
And I’m still guaranteed no radio time it’s obscene
I’m committed to the unseen love ensues (loving Sue) what’s love to do
When it succumbs to a word it becomes unused
Like the ones I choose I trouble to use
I try and adjust their meaning to double their use
Just another excuse to become invisible
"You see my brother it’s not sensible
You wanna be the torch for the simple who are fooling themselves
Quick to pour fuel on themselves
just to be like you cus you’re human as well."
Track Name: Burning Beacon
I had a dream, which hit like a beam through the seams
Slits and in-betweens of the beams I used to intervene the gleam with
My whole scene lit quick as it was seen through the thick
Gloom molasses my room was like my past was
A black cast full of cats with black masks
Ask love my sun was pathless my night was moonless
Thinking about how bright the room was when the light consumed us
Me and my every splinter heavy winter and then she entered
Turning seasons a burning beacon she had me centered on her axis
Thought there was no access
Urn’s full of the ashes from every past actress
Crash from the very flash that ashed them
Blasting through my window pain Black Widows through the flame
Turned brittle burned kindle no riddle to her name
She was love invincible simple and plain

Holding her gaze set my home a blaze admiring her shoulder blades
Her wings of fire how they fly her through out this snowy brain
This cold stone I used to ice old memories
Like coal for energy burns into the unknown tenderly
Only the skeletons remain
Turning gelatin in the flame from when I tell them her name
Found the felon in a gentleman’s frame she put a torch to it
Rebuilt what mattered and then added a porch to it
For star gazing with a heart brazen
Forces of art facing art through a forest of dark mayhem
She is my sun she is my moon
She is my every cliché inspired before his bloom
Sits a writer in his room sipping fire with a spoon
Too soon yet newly crowned no room for cooling down
Felt the pressure of Jester no fooling ‘round
She is my love unmeasured she knew me now
Track Name: G.A.D.
Father forgive me I carved in a tree my heart is empty
Sorta chilly my thoughts are a breeze forever windy off to envy
The warm and friendly how’d You invent me I am bent see
I meant at the knee come and tempt me to believe this is significant
I have not a minute spent plotting through another plea for innocence
I have got another feeling here the others seem to lend
The undercover fear that never seems to bend
That never seems to end see me as a teen again or maybe even ten
When I’m trapped inside a dream sinking back inside sea of friends
Feeling trapped outside myself when I would speak to them
Like I’m strapped inside a helmet and their peeking in
Sinking even deeper then
Pastor said their demons then asks me to believe
If I ask to receive You, You will heal me then
Pass me through the vacuum in this bathroom
Where I’m hiding, counting, and breathing in

Pressure release the pleasure of peace
Be it measured by her gesture at a stretch for His fleece
The Messenger of such that she touched but a piece is so subtle
For the trouble she had kept was deceased
What she said in her head is what she meant on her feet
When she snuck in the crowd that had met on the street
Well I’m stuck in this crowd with my head on my feet
I know these chucks been around but I fear without me
Someone cut the sound I fear without sleep
A dream has it’s bounds that I swear I must keep
I swear I must breath I dared to arrive
So carry me here to where I’m alive
To where I am conscious clearer to self
Mirror to self You hear and You help
To where I am conscious tears couldn’t help
You hand me the knowledge that fear in itself
Is nothing but fear in itself
Track Name: Catch as Catch Can pt 1
I found it in that government housing mother coming up out em
Trouble is this doubling shifts uppin’ your hours
Can run anyone to the ground
When struggling to exist with two kids too young to help out
And it’s in this I discovered a sound while I was running through halls
Came around heard Run through the wall
And ever since I’ve been running through walls
Cus indifference to the gifts that you’ve been given
Gives you nothing at all
How can something so small get the guts to grow tall
Is it all gall and betting on luck it’s your call
We all fall but to keep getting up is no small task
So it seems what I asked in this scheme I’ll just show y'all
Tenacity cling to a dream till it snowballs
The exact two things you need to make cold calls
Own your flaws and know your cause
Faith means that hope don’t pause
Before those songs and Pro’s first performance with Master Jay
That was me with folded arms in a masquerade before he passed away
All I had was play so I had to pray to press record on the past today
Let’s forward see the craft today how it was grafted
Grown by throwing all these weak drafts away
How the scratches turn to passages then back to scratches
It’s a balancing act between tracks of passion
And this challenge to rap a scheme to be seen
As a meme or an asterisk
I mean to master this theme but these fingers are matches
And these magazines want a flashy bit so I snap to it
Faster than castanets and then after it’s ashes and half the wits
I’ll get that respect
And I’ll laugh a bit they didn’t get half of it but at last a check

Let’s get back to it
I wasn’t poor as in my door was made of sticks or straw
Nah it was of brick and mortar sure, with an eviction order
Different positions in life it got a bit disordered
Even now in this recording I’m in the kitchen sorting bills
As if theres money in these lyrics here to pay them
Lived in over twenty homes, apartments, even a Days Inn
And momma she told me Jason I’m sorry that you were raised in
So many different places the drama when on your way in
Your father and I had nothing
Caught in the line of suffering
Worked all the time while wondering if all we tried was comforting
I swore that I’d become a man if crawling to my summiting
With all that I can understand I know the wars you’ve won for me
Like 60’s hours a week minimum to 80’s hours on your feet
Are we in the 1st millennium
Or even farther back, I mean back to where Caesar was
Got me thinking of my father and how he lost his pizza parlor
Well that’s what a Little Caesar’s does
Now my father goes to bars when he needs a buzz
Fast forward to these bars and I need a buzz
Rewind to when I learned to say farther stead of further
Writing rhymes with a fervor and a Caesar buzz
Homie I gotta GPA of 1.3
Remind me what a teacher does
I went to six elementary’s three Jr. High’s one High School
Like new but no leader of I had to hide where the meter was
Rest in peace to my main man Minos
Keeping time on the beat we was
Just some outsiders where I was the rhymer
And reason was all but a speaker buzz
Like it was waiting on me to plug my mic in
The stage the only way to escape my pen
And by pen I mean prison, prison I mean complex
Serving these sentences I mean my context
Context as in what I’m writing here
And by pen I mean that which is mightier
Guess it all depends on my writers share
Yeah for anyone tryna hide their ears
Writing rhymes been my only ride outta here
Writing rhymes been my only ride outta here
Writing rhymes been my only ride outta here
Writing rhymes been my only ride outta here
Track Name: Catch as Catch Can pt 2 feat. MacKenzie
Started this road when I was 19 regarded as a pipe dream
No smoke blowing I wrote knowing you light green
As a means to ripen as it seems my writing
Came from battling with free’s had me traveling for fee’s
We were five men Rez, Stro, me, Q, and Vice then
Getting shows in any juke that had a mic stand
Local groups they hated us focused youth
It made what had broken through the get they rust
Aint none of you up staging us
At least that’s what I told myself calling it survival
Made a beast out of my smaller self to call out any rival
Full of small town mentality’s grabbing at the crab to beat
Then craftily pulling you down when they at your feet
Actually when y’all look around and do the math you’ll see
Life is naturally pulling you down call it gravity
Halves of me were having these visions to play a rapper
Ambitions to play a pastor divisions I prayed to master
As synonyms religion and men remain a factor
Must have been the sin in them that made me ask
Much later playing churches debating what my worth is
Cus they payed me like a star
Displaying merch near where they worship sunday service
Now is it worth the cost to go
If they use your money to build concert halls instead of hospitals
All I know is that the thought never escaped me
Feeling like I was caught in something make believe

Well, well, well
There's got to be a better way
Oh I know I know
There's got to be a better way

I was a rocky mountain rapper doubting what I rap for
Feeling trapped for half my county’s in Iraq Wars
The other half would have me counting down to rapture
Asking bout my path and if I’m that sure
Roller coaster focus no longer youthful more like hopeless
Plus Q just told the crew that he had multiple sclerosis
All before he wrote his opus four was once five
On a tour with Pharcyde we were the new openers
Fast forward now who you think we’ve opened for
Traveling the road for four years doing sold out tours
We had The Roots, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest and more
I mean Hyro, Mos Def, we slept on floors, in vans, a homeless shelter
Blessed by those adventures
Though the stress of getting so much less it never left us
At times feeling helpless reminded who the help was
Every time we saw the line up you know why people line up
The headliner in most minds we just the tail
Plus ones with some merch to sell
We went from being a big fish to being one that’s outta water
With a quarter and wish tryna work the well
You gotta pick up the scraps if you wanna go public
Feeling shackled to the struggle call it work detail
Cus sometimes hanging with kings takes a rope and a sac
Cus aint nobody giving rings to the opening act

Well, well, well
There's got to be a better way
Oh I know I know
There's got to be a better way
Track Name: Catch as Catch Can pt 3
I moved to L.A. with a couple hundred dollars and a box of clothes
I drove my car and ASRX through the rocky roads
Things was feeling real maybe cus the single deal
ABB was at our fingers still we couldn’t sing for meals
I did construction in the morning
Pushing a broom at J Crew
Cus they knew my shoes were worn in
Stuck me in the stockroom at night
I’d be performing to a walkman
Plotting how soon we’d all be touring
Waiting to get fired this would be the fourth time
A boss would say the line that their patience had expired
And it ain’t because of work ethic I want my work epic
I’d skip the days it wasn’t worth effort
To play the circuit to be heard “F” it
Those were the days I wouldn’t add the “uck”
Cus my church kept it
I was still praying to be perfected
I still pray but now a days I know my worths present
See I been traveling these words to the ends of the Earth
Just to find it aint dependent on a word check it
We played every major venue off the strength of our show
You know some locals wont commend you
If you aint from the So Cal
But you being Lo Cal is all luck
And The Pros aint ever been low brow
We soaked it up than rung’em out on stage but hold up
What’s hatin at this age gone do grow up or have it your way
France, Spain, Switzerland, and Norway
While you were in the local scene still tryna block the door ways
We rocked Germany, Portugal, Poland, Japan
Out to the UK, Belgium, and toured the Netherlands
Went through Canada, Sweden, to Prague and Australia
Through the Jiggy era to the Iggy Azalea’s
From the trailer park stigma till the pigment grew paler
Sold product out my closet true indie no failure
That’s a message to self when the pressure is felt
If wealth measures success I have to leverage myself
I felt hated by peers tryna shade my career
Sixteen years it makes me wonder if I hated myself
But what’s hatin at this age gone do grow up
I toured 45 states like 4 or 5 times off rhymes
You could say that I ain’t blow up
But couldn’t say that I aint show up so what
I had my car repossessed my bank account closed
Stretching my credit cards couldn’t make the amounts owed
Till they break till it takes eight years to start over
Made it from a small town to be raped by downloads
Living in Westlake my neighbor was found cold- murdered
People baking closed curtains
Three break ins on a borrowed ride
Plus the hatin of loud trolls
Swallow pride to survive by making this sound known
I made a business though it’s minimum wage-ish
It aint washing dishes or some criminal pay-ish
I fought for a gift just to give it to strangers
Since 1996 to whatever this day is
Aint ever had a plan just the catch-as-catch-can
Son of a pizza man and a waitress
I wouldn’t say I’m famous but I’m in my late thirties
Still making something worthy for your play list
So save the back story cus know there’s always more to that
And let’s fast forward cus we at 2:34 on the track
And though we only half way
The other half is just more of that same
Struggle and pain for the glory of rap
Take you to NoHo to where we recording at
Just got off the phone with someone that I love more than rap
And now we gotta son that we love even more than that
Feeling like this story just begun and it’s more than rap
I mean I gotta make it they say you need a plan
When you the son of a waitress and a pizza man
I mean I gotta make it they say you need a plan
When you the son of a waitress and a pizza man
I mean I gotta make it they say you need a plan
When you gotta son and you know you gotta feed the fam
I mean I gotta make it yo show me the plan
Till then it’s just a catch-as-catch-can